A great book for those interested in Genesis narrative.  Scientist and theological scholar, Ernest Lucas guides us through  the problematic parts of ‘Genesis narrative’ shedding light on the tradition and cultural considerations of that time. His systematic journey sheds light on the first eleven chapters of the Bible helping both rational believers and providing a challenge to those use to a more dogmatic  literal interpretation. That said, Lucas’ appeal is also to those schooled in rationality to consider what they didn’t know and think again about how familiar scriptures might be better understood. A thoroughly illuminating read and a book that every christian should own and read!!!

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This epic from Thom Stark is not for the faint-hearted as he brings everything into the light of scholarly consideration. Earl in the book, he addre the elephant in the room against those who hold to an unyielding belief that God’s Word is without error – aka ‘inerrancy of scripture’  – suggesting a different agenda was often at work among these early followers who cherry-picked and edited what they understood and believed. An argument bourne out by the fact they these people who knew God were no different to those engaged in cultic rituals, practising bigamy and polygamy, incest and child sacrifice. In short, it’s an academic book but the arguments and insights make it worth the read!


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Although the cover of Michael Palmer’s book suggests this is an introduction to ‘The Question of God,’ nothing could be further from the truth. This is a thoroughly academic read with ideas, arguments and vocabulary that requires the reader to dig deep to keep up with the concepts being explored. As a result, most will probably find the book more helpful for its texts as a jumping off point for understanding things such as ontological and cosmological arguments or those pertaining to design and miracles etc. When I bought my copy at theological college it cost £16. Today, it costs 5 times that to purchase it as a new book though I have noticed there are several (presumably free) links to download it as a PDF, one of which may be found by clicking here.