Might the Garden of Eden ever be considered a harm free zone?Following on from the last post about the benefits of gravity, lets consider some of its negatives. For example, a roof tile may fall from a house and kill the person below because of the gravitational pull acting upon on it. Likewise, just as gravity facilitates the flow of water to a watermill, it can also, on another occasion, result in a flash flood that washes away the mill. While gravity may keep us firmly drawn to the earth to do fun things, it also results in rockslides, avalanches, excessive flooding and things detrimental to human existence. But does the occurrence of these events mean that gravity is a bad thing? Or …

‘would we forfeit gravity rather than run the risk it might one day cause something detrimental to happen to us?’

And of course, the answer has to be ‘no’ because we all appreciate that the benefits of gravity outweigh any disadvantage we might encounter from time to time. But what has all of this to do with the world of Genesis 1 & 2?

Well … presuming that gravity is not a product of the fall – by that I mean an outcome from sin coming into our world – the most obvious conclusion is that gravity has always been with us and part of God’s plan. Which means that gravity existed during the time of Adam and would have affected him in pretty much the same way it affects us today. Obviously,  bungee ropes and snowboards were not available to Adam, but slopes, cliffs and canyons were. And if you are following my thinking, you might question what would happen to Adam if he missed a foothold or fell from a tree while clowning around trying to impress Eve? My guess is that he would fall and hurt himself in pretty much the same way any of us would. Big shock – you can break a bone in the world that God has created good!

More in next week’s post.

Extracts and article idea taken from ‘The God of the Cruel World’ (Bob Eckhard)