What might christians do in response to global warming?

Following on from the last post we consider how – if God gives stewardship of the planet to humans and global warming occurs – it might be beyond the Divine to intervene and abrogate the mess that we have created for ourselves. True, nothing is impossible for God but the issue of freewill is the game changer because one thing that God cannot do, is give us freedom then intervene and take it away from us when we make decisions that He doesn’t like.

Developing this line of thinking further we might ask questions as to whether God’s solution to the problem of global warming is the same as that which  we would like or hope to see happen. Could it be that rather than finding a way to completely reverse global warming in the future, believers might be called upon to bring about an answer that involves change and self-sacrifice? Indeed, as it is estimated by the United Nations that there will be 50 million environmental refugees by the end of the decade, could it be that God’s answer to global warming might involve a range of measures that does not involve the Divine flying in like superman to save the day? An answer that might require believers to:

  • lobby government to make decisions that favour the environment?
  • reduce their carbon footprint by greener choices in regard to travel?
  • being satisfied with products that are old and functioning over that which is new and shiny?
  • take measures to generate their own electricity?
  • invest in carbon neutral enterprise to offset the damage caused when burning CO2 on flights, car journeys, etc?
  • grow and irrigate their own crops to offset food shortages?

However, the more radical believers might also find themselves:

  • sharing the love of God through feeding those left hungry by environmental poverty?
  • providing shelter as they invite refugees and other displaced people into their homes?
  • being satisfied with what they have over the pressing need to have new things?
  • content with the little they now have in the knowledge that it facilitates a world whose environment is delicately balanced at present?

What we can be sure of is that God has made us reponsible for our world and it is now up to us to protect and preserve it.