As we come to the end of this mini-series on the world of Genesis and natural disasters, we ask the question (again):

So why do natural disasters occur on earth?

Well, the most interesting and sensible answer I have heard to this question was given on a television programme ‘Tsunami – Where was God?’ in December 2005, a year after the South East Asia disaster.

In the programme, interviewer Mark Dowd – having finished his travels around India, Sumatra, Sri Lanka and Thailand – journeys to Vatican City to a conference of Jesuit physicists that are meeting to discuss climate change. Curious to know if the Christian physicists can reconcile a world of natural disasters with the idea of a loving God, he is surprised to discover that none of the physicists share his dilemma. Instead, they explain the necessity of tectonic movement in the world as part of the process by which human life is enabled to occur and develop  – natural disasters creating terra-firma to live on and a correct balance of gases in the world. In response, the Jesuit physicists were unanimous and resolute that without earthquakes, floods and volcanic eruptions, the world we inhabit today would be totally unsuitable for human existence.

So what does this mean for Christians and Christianity?

Well firstly, we might conclude that the evidence is stacked against any idea that Adam and Eve inhabited a world without danger – the fact that the devil and temptation lay within it should confirm it was no idyll. Now, while the pair may not have expeienced an earthquake first-hand, it is very likely that had either of them tripped or fallen over in the Garden, the same gravity that held them to terra-firma would also cause them harm if they fell awkwardly and scraped a knee or broke a bone. While some might not like this type of thinking, we should all take comfort in the knowledge that without  natural disasters, our world would be wholly different and unsuited to our existence. Moreover, we wouldn’t he here to read and/or rail against such an idea. Yes, Adam and Eve enjoyed the Garden but it was created in ways that we are only just beginning to understand and appreciate.

Extracts and article idea taken from ‘The God of the Cruel World’ (Bob Eckhard)