Why doesn’t God intervene and stop Adam and Eve from making poor decisions in the Garden of Eden?

Following on from the previous post and how gravity results in positive and negative outcomes, let us consider the question of why God has made the world this way? By that I mean, a place where it is possible for bad things to happen to good people (sic Harold Kushner)

Some believers argue that pre-fall Creation was a ‘harm-free zone’  because they believe nothing harmful existed on earth during the time. (Presumably because God was present and/or able to intervene and stop it). But is this a reasonable thing to expect of God? After all, even though God has the ability to be physically present in the Garden, what we discover is He does not intervene and save Adam and Eve from the bad decision they make in choosing to take fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil?

Yes, God could intervene and save us from every pending accident and bad decision we make but He doesn’t. Why? Because God knows that if He does this, he also removes from us the ability to think and act freely. If anything, it seems that God has placed us in a world that is full of things that can both benefit and harm us. Difficult as it is for some believers to accept, this has always been God’s intention because for the world to be any other way is to create a sterile environment where people constantly remain subject to His intervention. I don’t think its unreasonable or unbelieving to assert that ‘harmful’ gravity’ existed in Adam’s time nor affected the world in exactly the same way that it does today. If anything, it’s prudent, observational and true of the real world that God has created for us to occupy and learn from.

Extracts and article idea taken from ‘The God of the Cruel World’ (Bob Eckhard)