We closed the last post with the question of whether it is feasible to believe that part of the Godhead somehow resides and lives within the believer via the Holy Spirit? Moreover, by what necessity this third member of the Trinity is called upon to affect such a relationship with Creation?

Roy Hession (1) observes that believers would do well to ‘bow down in worship before this august member of the Godhead because the Holy Spirit is committed to carrying out all the designs of Heaven in regard to earth. In this, the Father gives all authority to Jesus (2) but the actual implementing of that authority on earth is through the outworking of the Holy Spirit as He impacts and affects people to do God’s work on earth.’

In this respect, the Holy Spirit (1) is the ‘executive of the Godhead and in this capacity we see him moving and acting right through the Book of Acts – which might be more accurately termed as the ‘Acts of the Holy Spirit’ rather than the ‘Acts of the Apostles.’ And yet, the latter explains something of the relationship between the Holy Spirit and humans in which both are necessary and required to bring about God’s plan for the world.

So what of our queastion as to whether it’s feasible to believe that God who created the universe and heavenly realms might choose to live within humans, affecting their thoughts and actions to do His will in the world? Well, yes and no.

To those who have not encountered God nor experienced the Divine living within them, the answer is no. However, to those to whom God has been revealed and they have accepted His Presence living and acting within them, the answer is yes.

Given that oxygen is unseen, yet flows in and out of our bodies, it seems obvious that there is no reason why God’s invisible Spirit might not operate in a similar way albeit that he never forces us to do anything that goes against our will.  The fact that God gives authority to the Holy Spirit who is tasked with implementing Divine action on earth, it makes complete sense that the invisible entity does (out of necessity), fill, direct and inspire humans to be about the work of God in this world – and that through  ‘residing’ within them. We will take a deeper look at what this looks like in our next post.

1 ‘Be Filled Now’ (p9) Roy Hession

2 Matt 28v 18