Continuing our series on the reasons why christians believe God places His Holy Spirit within them, we consider the issue of God’s Holy Spirit as  Person. This was hinted at in the last post in which we considered the christian belief that the Holy Spirit inhabits people and influences them to understand God’s plan. Namely, how the Holy Spirit reveals that Jesus is the second Person of the Trinity and that through His crucifixion and resurrection, believers are assured of God’s forgiveness.

However, Roy Hession takes this a step further to show that the Holy Spirit is much more than this. In his book ‘Be Filled Now’, Roy Hession observes that:

‘the Holy Spirit should not be merely regarded as an influencer (as He is) the third Person of the Trinity. As much a person as God the Father and God the Son. He is consistently referred to in the New Testament not as it, but as He.

So how should we understand this? Is it feasible to believe that part of the Godhead somehow resides and lives within the believer via the Holy Spirit? And by what necessity is this third member of the Trinity called upon to affect such a relationship with Creation?

These questions will be considered in the next post as we explore the Acts of the Holy Spirit.