Given that human attempts to prove God’s existence have fallen short of the mark over the centuries, this post asks the question:

‘Why doesn’t God reveal himself to humanity?’

Naturally, both atheist and believer have stock responses to this question. The believer states that God has been revealed through Creation but humanity has failed to comprehend it while the atheist states God cannot be revealed because God does not exist. Now, although these two positions mark out opposite ends of the faith spectrum, they unfortunately also polarise thinking into one of two camps – people who believe in God and those who do not. With these positions identified, lets steer a ‘middle course’ between the two by considering a question I seldom hear discussed and yet should be- namely:

‘Why might God choose to be hidden from humans?’

Interestingly, this approach addresses sceptical concerns over the absence of evidence for God while giving scope to the possibility held by believers that God exists within Creation. Consider the following line of thinking:

  • Presently, it is not possible for humans to prove God’s existence (however)
  • If God was so disposed He could prove His existence in an instant (but)
  • God has seemingly chosen not to oblige us by doing this in any scientific or quantifiable way

All of which begs the question: Why?

  • Why doesn’t God reveal himself to humans when proof of the Divine would enable all people to believe?
  • What might God’s thinking be in becoming obscured from his Creation?
  • Or is there some other explanation we are missing that is presently beyond our intellect and/or ability to fathom?

These questions we will tease out in the next few posts as we explore and consider the ‘Invisible God.’