Last week’s post considered why the Holy Spirit would choose to live within humans, affecting their thoughts and actions in order that they might do God’s will in the world. Today, we consider what this action looks like in regard to human activity and God’s influence in the world.

Roy Hession observes that ‘the first great design (of God) is that everyone who repents of their sin and places their faith in Jesus Christ will receive a second birth and become a new creature for God . In this, the Holy Spirit becomes the agent of new birth… (which)… is achieved as God’s Spirit comes to personally reside in the heart of every person who takes a step of faith with Christ.’ (3)

From this, it is easy to see how each person who believes in God and is empowered by the Holy Spirit receives not only eternal life but becomes a convert with potential to increase God’s influence in the world by their personal witness and activity. Elsewhere, Hession notes that..

‘it cannot be too clearly stated that..every (person) who has been born anew through faith in Christ will also receive the Holy Spirit (as) a deposit of Christ’s’ ownership. Which begs the question:

‘What is it then to be filled with the Holy Spirit? Is it simply to be filled with One who is already there in out hearts? ‘ Or is it something else?

This, we will consider in our next post.


3 ‘Be Filled Now’ (p10) Roy Hession