Following hard on the heels of last week’s fish tank post and avoiding the idea of God’s revelation as understood in the person and work of Jesus Christ, let us focus today on the consequences for humanity should a full revelation of God occur. Or put another way, the outcome for humanity should God oblige our request and enter the space that has been set aside for our temporal universe to exist.

Although we are dealing here with a hypothetical model – prone to human ideas and thinking – it is not unfair to reason that should God enter our universe and reveal the fullness of His Divine Presence, the result would be catastrophic as it would result in the termination of our environment as:

  • Finite things are enveloped back into the infinite reality of God
  • Temporal (physical) things are replaced by a spiritual dimension

More than this, humans would no longer be free to choose and decide for themselves because the unlimited presence and power of God would necessitate that only one reality could occur – namely: God’s will. For the Divine to enter our world any way other than in a limited incarnate form (as in Jesus) is to herald the end of our universe as the space created for humans to live and grow is enveloped back into the realm and control of God.

Of course, God understands this outcome and (we surmise that) He does not oblige our desire for Him to be fully revealed in the way we seek. It is very likely that our human requests are ignored because God understands that at the moment His fullness is revealed to us, everything in our world will be inadvertently assimilated back into the Divine realm. Could this be perhaps yet another reason why God might obscure Himself?