Hot on the heels of last week’s post, I came across a couple of interesting articles in regard to the Covid crisis affecting the United States of America. The first was comparing the approach taken by most European countries who have managed to stabilise the infection rate of Covid in a way that America has yet to manage. The second, an article on the current US administration’s attempts by-pass Covid measures so that children and parents can be sent back to school  so that parents are freed to return to work.

Now, while I’m not a scientist, I do understand mathematics. Apparently, the reason why some countries now have control over the rate of Covid infection is because there is a recommended number that should be observed – that is, the rate of infection should be  4% and lower. Why?

If the community transmission of Covid rises above 5 percent, humans are no longer in charge. The pandemic is and the only way to reverse this – short of a worldwide vaccine  – is for lockdown measures to be deployed until such time that the rate of infection is measured and reported to be declining to a point where the community is safe.

So, what does this have to do with the human id and taking your medicine?

Well, it seems it has a lot to do with everything. The communal id (where a collective desire of like-minded people operates in a way that is detrimental to the safety, health and wellbeing of the community) occurs when measures are set aside before the rate of infection (and pandemic) is under control. And this – most notably occurring across a majority of states in the USA because other objectives are pressing in – notably, economic downturn, loss of manufacturing base, potential job losses that will affect and influence political fortunes in the future and so on.

The answer? Test people for Covid. Calculate the rate of infection for the community and if over 5% apply measures that are borne out of superego thinking where community comes first and the unabated wants and desires of individuals comes  second.  In short, take the medicine and save your community…