Necessary Evil 3 I have been arguing that the Fall, Adam and Eve’s sin, does not explain the origin evil at all.   I want to take it one stage further. A more challenging development of this argument is that it was inherent to the plan and even foreseen by God. Firstly, Mankind was probably not […]

As part of this series I have been exploring the idea that what we call evil is actually not so surprising, and indeed was part of the original plan, or at least an inevitable consequence of it. What are the objections to this line of thinking, for I can hear them coming! : Objection 1  […]

  Necessary Evil ? Does evil exist for some sort of purpose? Is it an unavoidable part of this creation, and more tellingly, was it always there? One of the foundational theories of evil in Christian circles is that of the “Fall”. This is the point in the biblical narrative where sin is seen to […]