Have miracles been made redundant by medicine? In the First Century, people did not know that bacteria existed and how it affected human health in good ways and bad. So, they had no idea that Mycobacterium leprae was responsible for the condition of leprosy – a fact discovered by 20th C physician Gerhard Hansen who […]

‘When is a miracle not a miracle?’ (part 1) A number of years ago, a Christian friend Sonny (not his real name) recounted an incident that happened in the last days of his father’s life. Desperate because his father was terminally ill,  Sonny asked someone from another church to pray. Assuring Sonny that everything was […]

In recent years, some churches have alligned themselves with something known as ‘Over-Realized Eschatology.’ The Longmont Pastor website describes it like this:… A belief that the future hope of Christianity is already here…(and that because)  Jesus has come and the Kingdom has come…there should no longer be evil in the world, everyone should be healed of sickness, […]

Following hard on the heels of last week’s fish tank post and avoiding the idea of God’s revelation as understood in the person and work of Jesus Christ, let us focus today on the consequences for humanity should a full revelation of God occur. Or put another way, the outcome for humanity should God oblige our […]

Given that human attempts to prove God’s existence have fallen short of the mark over the centuries, this post asks the question: ‘Why doesn’t God reveal himself to humanity?’ Naturally, both atheist and believer have stock responses to this question. The believer states that God has been revealed through Creation but humanity has failed to […]