Hi all, Okay, following on from the last post which considered the outcomes of Adam and Eve’s garden escapade with the tree, we consider what happens next and its resonance with freewill and delayed gratification. Well, with Adam and Eve banished from the ‘Garden’ (however you want to understand that?) the couple make their home […]

In the last post we considered the christian understanding of the Fall. That is how decisions made by Adam and Eve – but particularly Eve – resulted in evil coming into the world. Be that as ‘natural disasters’ ( aka natural evil)  and ‘human evil’ in which humans do harm to one another’ (aka moral […]

At the end of the last post, I suggested how the gap between people that believe in God and those who don’t is actually quite small – bear with me, all will be explained… I first became aware of this one evening while running the Tough Question’s Forum in which believers and non-believers (for use […]

Why do we have to die? Why do we have to die? Now, while this question is seldom articulated out loud, it is often found in the guise of other questions people ask: questions such as: Why did God create a world dependent on tectonic movement? Why doesn’t God remove all the evil people from […]