DVD of the BBC TV series by Prof Iain Stewart – a great resource for individuals and study groups who are interested in deepening their understanding of the physical processes that have formed the earth. Not certain if this DVD is still available to buy new but possibly available through online retailers dealing in second-hand DVDs .




TV presenter Nick Dowd journeys to South East Asia a year after the 2004 tsunami to interview survivors from a range of religious backgrounds to understand if their experience had affected their faith and understandings about God. A former Dominican Friar, Nick’s documentary chronicles his attempt to find answers to his own troubling question: ‘Tsunami – where was God?’ Originally this documentary film was approximately three hours long but it can now be found in two sections here on you tube as part one and part two. An excellent investigative piece asking deep questions of ourselves, our understandings about God and how maybe our thinking about the world needs to change. Want the skinny on Mark Dowd’s documentary? I reference his concluding remarks in a post that can be found here