Back with a flourish

After a year or so offline, we are getting ready to relaunch the tough question website – a place for frank and honest discussion about the world and human suffering in regard to the action or inaction of a loving God. A  place that does not attempt to sidestep difficult theological issues by refusing to address questions because they are  an ‘unfathomable mystery.’ The premise of


this website is that  because God has equipped humans to be rational, difficult and complex issues are not beyond our remit to question and probe. In short, this is a place  where we remove the cardboard boxes of blinkered and dogmatic understanding about God to find better explanations more in keeping with a good and loving God.

Hello world!

Welcome to the Tough Questions website! Here you will find a range of extracts, resources and tools that will help you explore some of the problematic issues connected with religious belief in a broken world.

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